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Moving day is just around the corner. Have you prepared everything you possibly can? Some families like to plan weeks and months in advance, that way there’s nothing last minute to worry about. And that way, if something does come up, they have plenty of time to take care of it. On the other hand, some families may wait until the final weeks to get everything done.

Everyone has their own style. Either way, below are a few tips you can use to make the moving process easier, whether using a moving company and movers or doing it yourself.


Although it’s easier said than done for some families, the easiest way to move a bunch of items is to not have to move as many items! Either before you begin packing your boxes or during the process, start filtering through your belongings and taking stock of what’s useful or valuable and what isn’t. Get rid of what you don’t want and won’t need to make more room in your new home.

Pack Room by Room

It’s easier to focus on one room at a time and to organize boxes based on the purpose of the items within them. For example you can start with your kitchen and only box items that are intended for the kitchen. This way when you load and unload all of your boxes into the new home, all of your kitchen oriented items will be side by side.

Going room by room also helps to break up the whole process into more manageable, bite-sized segments.

Use Labels

You can use labels to categorize boxes based on their purpose or room they will be in. You can even color code the labels or boxes to help categorize items more efficiently. For example you can organize by kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and so on.

Get Utilities Setup Before You Arrive

You don’t want to show up and get cozy into a home that doesn’t have your favorite utilities up and running! Take the time to set up utilities in advance, like your internet access, and alert the post office about your new address.

Always Keep Medicine and Essentials On Hand

Avoid being caught not knowing where important medicine or other essentials and valuables are in the middle of your big move. Having it handy will reduce stress in a time of need and otherwise simplify the process when things don’t go as planned.

Hire a Moving Crew

A team of movers specialize in transporting boxes, furniture, and other belongings from one destination to the next. Why not get a professional moving company to handle all that weight and work if you don’t want to spend a lot of your time doing all the heavy lifting yourself?



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